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Tennis Guidelines

Sherwood Swim and Racquet Club


The following rules and regulations concerning the use of the tennis courts have been established and approved by the TENNIS COMMITTEE. These rules shall remain in effect until further notice.

A. Use of the Courts:

Courts will be reserved online via our reservation grid or app. Courts will be reserved for one and one-half hours starting at the times designated on the schedule sheets.
Play must be limited to one and one-half hours. Players are expected to keep track of the time and exit the court immediately when their time is expired. If the court is not scheduled for the next period, play may continue unless court watering or grooming is necessary. The clock in the office will be used to determine start and stop times.
Courts are to be held only 10 minutes after scheduled starting time.

B. Guests:

All guests (non members) must pay a $15.00 for non-members, and be registered in the Pro Shop prior to playing.
Local guests are limited to playing two (2) times a month indoors and three (3) times outdoors.
Out of town guests are not limited to the number of times they may use the court unless the visitation period exceeds three months.
Out of town guests will be limited to the three times a month rule if they visit Greensboro regularly for business.
Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests on Sherwood property.
Guests are subject to the same rules and regulations as members and the member must be present when the guest registers and remain with the guest at all times.

C. Tennis Etiquette:

Please wear appropriate attire on court. Shirts must be worn, non-marking shoes only and no cut-offs or jeans. NO RUNNING SHOES
No profanities, yelling or screaming at any time while on court.
Cell phones must be silenced.
Show respect to all players at all times.
Please keep the courts clean by picking up all balls and throwing away any trash.
If you need to cross a court that is occupied to access yours, please only cross in between points.
Do not retrieve a ball from another court while their point in still in progress. Please wait until they finish their point.
If you are around the tennis courts but not playing, please keep noises to an appropriate level and respect members who are playing.
Before starting play, ensure the court is free from hazards (extra balls, cans or other debris).
Always be safe. Do not participate in any behavior that would risk injury to anyone else, such as throwing or hitting balls when not asked to, throwing your racquet or any other object on or off the court.
Have fun! The entire objective of playing tennis, aside from being good aerobic exercise, is to have fun. You can follow these rules of etiquette and still have a good time on the courts the players on adjacent courts will appreciate it.

D. Miscellaneous Rules:

Any balls hit onto private property shall not be retrieved.
Small children shall not be allowed upon the courts except for the purpose of playing tennis.
Parents are responsible for their children around the tennis courts.
Club members will not give lessons for a fee on Sherwood courts. No one will be allowed to use club courts to receive lessons from other than a Sherwood pro.
Acts of misconduct may result in suspension of court privileges.

E. Additional Fees:

Ball machine for 1 hour $13
Ball machine for 1 1/2 hours $17
Unlimited use of ball machine for one year $125
Clinics, lessons and use of tennis facilities are fee based. Please visit the website for fee schedules.


The indoor courts will be open 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday and from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.
Contract times will be available on a first come, first serve basis.
Contract groups from the previous season have first right to that time for the next season.
Non-Sherwood members in a contract group will be charged a higher contract rate. The seasonal fee will be determined by the tennis committee and approved by the Board of Directors.
Please sign into the indoor charge book in the lobby as there is a $10 fee per member and $15 fee per non-member year-round to play on the indoor courts.


Sherwood Swim & Racquet Club
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By Appointment Only.

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