Swim Team

Sherwood Raiders Swim Team

Skills Test

To determine eligibility for our swim team, we hold a skill test.

New swimmers must attend.

All swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool, 25 yards, without stopping nor holding the wall or lane line.  They may swim any swim stroke.

Returning swimmers that swim year round in the off season, may participate in the swim test to be reevaluated for their practice group.

First Practice for All Swimmers — TBA

Time Trials Mock Meet — TBA

We will walk through a home meet for timing of races.

All swimmers must attend from start to finish in order to understand the order of events for the meet and time of events.

Swim for Cancer Event — TBA

The Raiders and their supporters continue to raise significant money to support the American Cancer Society.  If you are interested in donating an item for the auction, please contact Sally Maley at sally1219@hotmail.com or Leigh Abraham at leighabraham@bellsouth.net

Swim Meet Dates — all meets begin at 5:30 p.m.

June 2, 2020 — Lake Jeanette at Sherwood

June 9, 2020 — Sherwood at Bur-Mill

June 16, 2020 — Sherwood at Friendly Park

June 23, 2020 — Sherwood at Green Valley Park

June 30, 2020 — Hamilton Lakes at Sherwood

July 9 – 11, 2020 — City Meet at the Greensboro Aquatic Center

End of Season Swim Team Banquet — TBA

We will join together and celebrate an amazing swim season with dinner and awards.

Swim Meet Expectations

  • You must attend or decline each meet by logging in to the Swim Meet Signup page and Meet Entry and then select each swimmer and select Attending or Not Attending.
  • Please be on time.  Coaches put a lot of time into preparing lineups and swimmers need to check in on time so the meet can go off without a hitch.
  • Check in with coaches as soon as you arrive.
  • Please stay until the end of the meet.  We are a team and we need to be there for each other until the end.  Plus the end of the meet is always the most exciting!
  • Come prepared — all swimmers must wear either a Sherwood Team or black racing suit and a Sherwood cap.
  • After swim meets we will gather to celebrate our hard work at an area restaurant.  Stay tuned for details.

Eligibility of Swimmers

• The Community Swim Association, CSA, requires swimmers to attend one or more practices the week before a meet in order to swim in a meet.
• A swimmer must participate in at least one dual meet to be eligible for the CSA Championship City Meet.
• 19 year olds may participate in CSA meets the first season after his/her graduation from high school.
• The swimmer’s age on June 1st will determine his/her age group for the entire swim season.
• In meets, swimmers can swim a maximum of 3 individual events and no more than 2 relays.
• For a full list of rules and regulations governing the Community Swim Association, please visit their website
at http://www.greensborocsa.org/text%20documents/CSARules2011.pdf


Age Groups, Races and Distances

6 & under Free, Back, & Breast Stroke 25 yards
6 & under Freestyle Relays 100 yards

8 & under Free, Back, Breast, & Fly Stroke 25 yards
8 & under Freestyle & Medley Relays 100 yards
8 & under Distance Free 50 yards

9-10 year olds Free, Back, Breast, & Fly Stroke 50 yards
9-10 year olds Freestyle & Medley Relays 200 yards
9-10 year olds Distance Free 100 yards

11-12 year olds Free, Back, Breast, & Fly Stroke 50 yards
11-12 year olds Freestyle & Medley Relays 200 yards
11-12 year olds Distance Free 100 yards

13-14 year olds Free, Back, Breast, & Fly Stroke 50 yards
13-14 year olds Freestyle & Medley Relays 200 yards
13-14 year olds Distance Free 100 yards

15-18 year olds Free, Back, Breast, & Fly Stroke 50 yards
15-18 year olds Freestyle & Medley Relays 200 yards
15-18 year olds Distance Free 100 yards

Volunteer Policy for Swim Meets

You are needed for the success of the swim meets this year!

All families will be expected to volunteer at ALL HOME meets and one away swim meet.  Volunteers will
be assigned specific duties for meets to ensure that all families are contributing equally to the success of
our team.  If you are unable to fulfill your volunteer assignment, it will be your responsibility to find a replacement
and to notify the coach of the change.

Required Meet Volunteers

Clerk of Course (need 6 at home, need 4 away) — Organizes and seats the swimmers in the event they are to swim as assigned on the
swimmer’s entry card.
Hospitality, during the meet (need 3 at home) — Keeps all workers and coaches hydrated with water or other beverages.
Hospitality, pre-meet (need 5 at home) — Especially for parents who cannot help during the meets, this job involves
contributing to the snacks and drinks provided to swim meet volunteers at home meets only.  Food can be brought
to the pool at any time prior to the start of the meet.  Especially appreciated are home-baked goodies (cookies,
muffins, banana bread) and fruit (cut or whole).
Newspaper Recorder (need 1 at home) — The Newspaper Recorder fills out the results form to be sent to CSA’s web site manager, who will put them on the CSA web site and forward them to the News & Record.  This form needs to be
downloaded from the CSA web site (www.greensborocsa.org), completed, then emailed by 9:30 a.m. on the day
following the meet.  Complete instructions are on the form itself.
Referee* (Need 1 at home) — Presides over the meet to see that the meet runs on time, and is fair and safe for all swimmers. It is the responsibility of the Meet Referee to stop a meet due to hazardous weather conditions. The Meet Referee holds meetings for coaches and officials at the beginning of each meet to answer any questions and make
necessary clarifications of rules and procedures.  He must also sign all swimmer DQs before they are sent to the
Scorer’s Table.
Ribbon Labeler (Need 1 at home and 1 away) — Puts labels (indicating swimmers’ event, age group, and time) on ribbons during the meet, provided the home team is willing/able to print award labels throughout the meet.
Runner (Need 4 at home and 4 away) — Transfer meet documents as needed.  Card Runners bring entry cards from timers to scoring table. DQ Runners bring DQ slips from judges to meet referee for initialing, then to scoring table. Note: Card Runners must also run cards from the starting end of the pool to the finish end in races of just one length. This position is split so you only work half the meet.
Scorer/Data Entry (Need 2 at home and 2 away) -– These people sit at the head table during the meet and essentially keep the meet running. They enter swimmers’ times into the computer, make any changes to entries in the computer, and score the meet in the computer.  This job is one of the most important jobs at the meet!
Starter* (Need 1 at home) — Gives the commands to the swimmers to start each race, and then to start the race.
Stroke and Turn Judge* (Need 4 at home and 4 away) — Determines if each swimmer is swimming the stroke legally as defined by USA Swimming rules. It is the responsibility of the Stroke Judge to disqualify any swimmer whose stroke, start, turn, or finish is illegal.  This position is split so you only work half the meet.
Timers (Need 12 at home and 12 away) – Time the swimmers in each race using stopwatches provided by each respective team. One Timer records all times on the entry card, which the Runner picks up for delivery to the Scoring Table. This position is split so you only work half the meet.
Head Timer (Need 2 at home) — Keeps time with back-up stopwatch in case lane times have trouble.  This position is split so you only work half the meet.

2020 Stroke & Turn and Starter/Referee Training Schedule

OFFICIALS CLINICS –- Stroke & Turn, Starter/Referee
To be a stroke & turn official for a CSA regular season swim meet, you must attend one brief
clinic to help insure we provide a fair, consistent experience for our swimmers.
A list of each club’s officials will be posted on the officials’ section of the website.  To be a
starter or referee, you must also attend the starter/referee portion of the officials training
session, which immediately follows the stroke and turn training.
If you are a USA Swimming certified stroke and turn official, you only need to attend the
starter/referee portion of the training to be a referee.

Stroke & Turn @ 6:00pm and Starter/Referee Clinics immediately following @7:15pm
Dates to be TBA.
All sessions held at Sherwood in the clubhouse.

* If you cannot make the dates above … You may earn your credentials by paying for an
online course at www.strokeandturn.com and forward the completion certificate to


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