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Give back to the community, increase your local search ranking, and be a hero to our members!

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Sponsoring Sherwood is a unique way for local businesses and service providers to be recognized by our members YEAR round. During the pool season we will include your logo on a poolside banner, but all year long your logo, business info, phone number and website link will appear on the footer of our website. This boosts your Google search ranking with a quality local link!

Your logo and business info also appears after tennis court reservations in our Member’s app, as well as our pool’s check in kiosk. This adds up to 1000’s of impressions beyond the traffic to our website.

We also include sponsors at the bottom of reminder emails sent to our membership from the website. Sponsors are randomized with each email sent, meaning every sponsor will be seen a fair amount. Some emails we may choose to only pick Platinum, Gold Sponsors, Silver, or Bronze.

Add on Premium Placement to get your banner in your choice of either the pool, tennis or both.Β Β 

Here’s the details …

β€’ Sponsors must email a pdf with their banner design to admin@sherwoodswimandracquet.com and we will have the banner created.
β€’ Banners are 36” x 72” gloss vinyl with full color display with grommets in each corner for hanging.
β€’ Tennis Court banners are displayed for a full year from early May to late April the following year.
β€’ Tennis banners are hung at the outdoor courts during the warm weather season (approx. April through November), and then are moved and hung in the indoor tennis courts during the winter months (approx. November through April) when the outdoor courts are closed for play.
β€’ Pool banners are displayed in the pool area while the pool is open, approx. May 1st through the second week of September.
β€’ Placement in either the pool or tennis area is based on first come, first displayed.
β€’ Proceeds go towards tennis facility repairs or the swim team, respectively.
β€’ Sherwood reserves the right to decline any banner designs that it deems offensive, distasteful, not fit for display around minors, or otherwise incompatible with the Club’s brand and public image.
β€’ The Sponsor is solely responsible for the content and design of its banner. In the event a claim or lawsuit is brought against Sherwood arising from the content and/or design of a banner (including but not limited to copyright infringement, trademark violations or other intellectual property rights disputes, defamation, etc.), the Sponsor shall hold harmless and indemnify Sherwood for the full amount of any costs and expenses, including but not limited to attorney fees and costs, incurred by Sherwood in connection with any such claim or lawsuit. The Sponsor shall also defend Sherwood in any such claim or lawsuit arising from the Sponsor’s banner.

Platinum Level Sponsor with Premium Placement - $1100.00
Gold Level Sponsor with Premium Placement - $900.00
Silver Level Sponsor - $450.00
Bronze - $200.00

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Everything mentioned above!   β“˜
Year-round Banners on Pool and Tennis Courts   β“˜
Social Media Thank You on Facebook Page  
Promote at any/all Summer Events   β“˜
Facility Rental Opportunities   β“˜


Everything mentioned above!   β“˜
Social Media Thank You on Facebook Page  
Year round placement on outdoor courts and then indoor courts; add $100 for premium placement  
Facility Rental Opportunities   β“˜


Everything mentioned above!   β“˜
Summer-placement Banner on Tennis OR Pool; add $50 for premium placement   β“˜
Social Media Thank You on Facebook Page  
Facility Rental Opportunities   β“˜


Everything mentioned above!   β“˜


Sherwood Swim & Racquet Club
100 Alma Pinnix Drive
Greensboro, NC 27405



By Appointment Only.

Contact: admin@sherwoodswimandracquet.com

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