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Pool Rules and Q & A

Pool Q & A

Can I bring guests?  Yes!  Guests are $5 and charged to the member’s account. 

Please help Sherwood grow by recommending friends to join the Sherwood family.

Who is going to lifeguard this year?

We will highlight folks on social media so that you can get to know them.  Please introduce yourself to our staff.  Lifeguards are always great potential babysitter contacts!

I still cannot find my vintage Prince t-shirt. Will there be a lost and found this year?  Yes

Will we be able to use the diving board?  YES!  and we look forward to seeing either your swan dive or belly flop.


1. Pool Hours

a. Opening — Pools will open at 10:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday and at 12:00 p.m. on Sunday.

b. . Closing — Pools will close at 8:00 p.m. except on Friday and Saturday, when the pool will close at 9:00 p.m.

c. The Swim Team shall have priority use of the main pool at the discretion of the pool committee during the Community Swim Association swim season. On swim meet days the pool will close at 3 pm. For summer 2024 these dates are June 11th, June 18th and 25th.

d. No member or staff member shall use the pool or the pool area except during the scheduled hours of operation and for special programs approved by the Executive Board.

e. All members must check in at the main gate.

2. Guests

a. Members are required to register all guests at the pool entrance.

b. A $5.00 guest fee for each guest will be charged to the member’s account.

c. Guests are subject to the same rules and regulations as members and the member must be present when the guest registers and remain with the guests at all times.

d. The Pool Committee and the Board of Directors will treat special circumstances regarding guests on an individual basis. A request for consideration must be submitted in writing and will be acted upon at the next board meeting.

3. Pool Management

a. Pool management has the authority to remove any person from the pool area at any time for infractions of the rules or safety concerns.

b. Any violation of membership privileges or general regulations shall be reported by management to the Chair of the Pool Committee. The committee shall report to the board as necessary.

c. Pool staff has the authority to close the pool during heavy rains or electrical storms. All members shall vacate the pool deck area.

d. Any member with concerns about the pool staff and/or pool maintenance may report their concerns to the Pool Chairman, Vince Howard. Or the Executive Committee by emailing: admin@sherwoodswimandracquet.com

4. Lifeguards

a. All lifeguards shall be certified by the Red Cross and trained in first aid, adult and infant CPR.

b. Lifeguards shall be on duty around the intermediate and big pools at all times when the pools are open for swimming.

c. Lifeguards shall constantly observe activities in and around the pools and see that all rules and regulations are followed.

d. Lifeguards may conduct swim tests to determine deep water proficiency.

e. Lifeguards shall enforce all rules. Disciplinary action for breaking rules is as follows:

(i) 1st offense—warning given;

(ii) 2nd offense—the individual sits at the guard chair for a 5 to 15 minute “time out;”

(iii) 3rd offense—the individual is suspended from the pool for the remainder of the day;

For further offenses by minors, staff may suspend offenders until management has a conference with a parent. In the case of an adult, the pool committee will report to the board as necessary.

Membership privileges may be suspended.

5. Children

a. No children under 12 years of age shall be left at the pool without direct supervision.

b. Unsupervised children 12 years of age or older must be able to pass the swim test given by the lifeguards before they are allowed to stay alone at the pool. Unsupervised children 12 years of age or older must have emergency contact information on file at the pool desk.

c. Parents whose children are at the pool under a babysitter’s care must use discretion in the age and responsibility of the sitter.

d. Children over 5 years of age are not allowed to swim in the fenced baby pool.

e. Advanced swimmers may be asked to leave the training pool if their actions make the pool unsafe for novice swimmers.

6. Sanitation

a. Each swimmer shall shower before entering the pool. This is a health department regulation.

b. All persons must wear clean swim suits without ragged edges for swimming. Metal bobby pins may not be worn in the pool.

c. No person with open wounds or infectious diseases (colds, pink eye, skin disease, etc.) shall be permitted to use the pool.

d. Disposable diapers are not allowed in any of the pools. “Swim diapers” are required for infants and toddlers who are not toilet trained.

e. In the event of pool contamination, the involved pool will be closed per health department guidelines.

7. Miscellaneous

a. No glass objects or containers are allowed in the pool area.

b. Rest period. All children under 16 years of age will clear all pools except the fenced baby pool, and must be completely away from the edge of the pool for ten minutes of each hour for a rest period. This will rest them and prevent chilling. In addition, the lifeguard, at his or her own discretion, shall direct any child out of the water at any time when the child appears to be overly tired or cold.

c. Only one person shall be on the diving board at one time and the next diver shall wait until the first diver has cleared the diving area. Divers shall always dive straight out from the end of the diving board.

d. Members may use toys on days when the pool is not crowded. Pool staff has the authority to restrict toys and floats when they pose a threat to safety and visibility.

e. Individuals may not throw or push one another off the edge of the pool. “Horse play” will not be tolerated.

f. Only Coast Guard approved life preservers are allowed in the pool.

g. Smoking and vaping are not permitted in the pool area.

h. Only authorized swimming instructors are allowed to give lessons.

8. Pool Parties

a. Must be scheduled in advance through the office and pool party agreement needs to be signed.

b. Please note that the maximum rental time for a Pool Party is 3 hours.

c. Picnic tables may be reserved for your pool party.

d. Pool parties are $50 for reservation and must be paid in advance.

e. For anything during normal operating hours, members just pay a guest fee for non-member guests of $5 each whether the guests swims or not.

f. All parties must be paid for in advance.

b. Anything more than 10 people affect our staffing needs. So, pool parties must be scheduled in advance and may have a charge for the additional staff.

c. Pool parties during non-operating hours may be available. Sherwood needs to know the number of guests and length of party to give a quote. Contact the office at admin@sherwoodswimandracquest.com for more info.


Please let us know if you have questions, concerns or ideas by emailing admin@sherwoodswimandracquet.com


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