General Rules of Facility Rentals

1. Member renting the clubhouse must be present during the entire event, including set up and clean up.
2. The rental of the ballroom includes: the large room and use of the ten 60” round tables and 100 chairs. It does not include the use of other rooms in the clubhouse – they must be rented separately.
3. The deposit fee will be refunded provided there is no damage and the facility has been cleaned and all trash removed as outlined on the Clean Up Checklist attached hereto. Failure to comply will result in loss of the deposit fee. In the event the deposit is refunded, the Sherwood Business office will shred the deposit check unless otherwise noted.
4. Liquor: Sherwood does not have a liquor license and liquor may not be served on the premises without securing a one-day liquor license. The member renting the facility is responsible for securing the liquor license and shall provide Sherwood with a copy in advance of the rental.
5. Trash: The member is responsible for the removal of all trash from the rented facility (disposed of properly in the dumpster in the parking lot of the clubhouse) and the proper storage of all tables and chairs used prior to the member leaving the facility after the event.
6. Pets: No animals of any kind are allowed in the clubhouse.
7. Access: The member will be provided with a key for access to the facility the day of the event. It must be returned to the Sherwood Business office the day after the event. Please note that failure to return the key within 24 hours of the rental will result in a $25.00 charge.
8. No smoking, glitter or confetti, is allowed in the facility.
9. No wall hangings are allowed. Damage to the walls will result in loss of the deposit fee.
10. Event Deadline: All events and participants must vacate Sherwood property no later than 12:30 am unless prior written approval has been obtained.
11. No wet bathing suits or towels are permitted in the clubhouse at any time.
12. Hold Harmless: Member agrees to indemnify and hold Sherwood, its agents, employees, officers and directors harmless from and against any and all injuries, losses and/or damages sustained by any person, whether associated with the Member or not, arising out of or related to the Member’s rental and/or use of the facilities.
13. Cancellation: Member must cancel SEVEN calendar days prior to the event to receive a full refund. Cancellations must be in written form. Failure to do so will result in member forfeiting the deposit.

Sherwood Facility Rental Cleanup Checklist

➒ All trash, including bathrooms, must be deposited in the outside dumpster immediately following the party. Please place all bottles and cans into recycling trash cans in the parking lot.
➒ Furniture must be put back in its original place.
➒ Tables and chairs must be wiped down, cleaned and stored in the closet
➒ All floors including the ballroom (if used), bathrooms, TV Room (if used) and entrance must be vacuumed and/or swept.
➒ All lights must be turned off.
➒ Return the A/C or Heat on the thermostat where you found it.
➒ Lock all doors, including those leading to the deck.

NOTE: If the room is found with stains on the carpet or floor and any of the above are not followed, then the member will forfeit the deposit fee.
The vacuum cleaner, additional trash bags, wipes, toilet paper and hand towels will be provided in the cleaning closet in the hallway.            


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