Board Members Duties

Board Member Duties

Getting involved is easier than ever!

Your club is using PoolDues to make volunteering as automated as possible. Our software assigns roles to Board Members (similar to their real-world board roles, like Treasurer, Membership, etc) which allows them to control different modules of the website.

Your club's President (or whoever has Presidential-level access) can assign roles to Board Members. So it's possible your club could have 10 people listed with access to the Membership tools, 5 Treasurers, and so on. .

With that said, we suggest Board Members stay in their assigned real-world lanes, and don't poke their noses into too many other places.

New Board Members should look for this ▶️ video icon in the Board Member Dashboard to get up to speed quickly. While we can't give interested members a tour of your own Board Member Dashboard, we can let you into our Live Demo site here

President / Vice President

Our software treats your President and Vice President as equals, making it easy for one to roll off and the other to roll in, and already know what to do. Compared to some roles like Treasurer, your President has relatively few tools just for them, but keep in mind, most Presidents will toggle on access to every module for themselves. Since your President and Vice President can see everyone else's modules, they can remind Board Members to do the tasks in their respective modules (like setting Pool Hours, creating a Work Day Sign Up Form, etc)

Presidential-specific duties include...

    • Assigning new Board Members role access and other privileges (for example, marking them as voting board members, giving them the option to create pages, and so on).
    • Toggling global and page-specific settings (for example, whether or not the Check-In Leaderboard shows in the Member Dashboard)
    • Starting a Vote-by-Email (other Board Members can be given this access to)
    • Sending Urgent Alerts (your Communication Director can also do this)


This is a largely an automated role in the PoolDues system so long as your club is taking most payments online. In which case, payments automatically extend a member's access to the website for another year (or to the club's Fiscal calendar date). Membership-specific duties include...

    • Adding Primary Accounts for members IF NEED BE. For example, if a member pays by check, your Membership Director can create an account for that person (so they can reserve courts, access the Member Dashboard, etc)
    • Adding a sub-account for a spouse of a member IF NEED BE. Members can self-manage their own sub-accounts if they purchased a Membership tier that allows for adding a sub-account. For example, a Singles membership would not allow a sub-account.
    • Checking standings by date. For example, if your club gives out member wristbands, your Membership Director has access to a page built specifically for seeing who should receives bands around Memorial Day.
    • Maintaining accurate data in the Board Member's Only Directory. This could be adding notes about a membership, compiling demographic data, noting if a member is a Resident or Non-Resident of the neighborhood, or adding other misc data.
    • Rolling forward or backward the club's Fiscal Calendar date (or really the date in which all memberships should expire by). For example, if the club needs everyone paid by April 1, but 20% of the club still hasn't, your Membership Director can extend site access temporarily by pushing forward this date to April 15.
    • Coming soon - overseeing the club's automated Wait List, balancing factors that let a prospect come off, and then manually removing them.


This is another largely automated role in the PoolDues system. Your Treasurer will rarely ever need to do anything for money received. Our system automatically sets up accounts for new memberships and organizes them. For other payments, we are always recording what has sold through your store, so your Treasurer could let a year's worth of sales come in and not think twice about them until they do year-end totals. Very few products require a direct action after a sale, unless your club sells things like t-shirts that need to be shipped.

Treasurer-specific duties include...

    • Editing or creating products. Everything you sell is considered a product, whether that's a Membership, Guest Pass, T-shirt, etc. Product creation takes very little time and your core Membership products will rarely change.
    • Occassionally adding specific people to be CC-ed on product sales
    • Sending mass-invoices to the club. We recommend this is done 4-5 times, about 2 weeks apart. This is a quick process (1-2 minutes at most), and our system automatically widdles down the list of invoicees based on those that have already paid. So each mailing goes to fewer members.
    • Invoices are based on what a member paid the prior year. So if there was a life-change, your Treasurer may need to mark a member as excluded from mass-invoicing and send them a custom invoice based on that life-change (for example, a couple had their first baby).
    • Sending out mass-invoices for unpaid guest balances or members with a negative concession balance (rare). Again, this is a 1 minute task as the system knows exactly who to invoice, so it's really just a matter of filling in the Subject line of the mass email.
    • Emailing customized invoices. This is a simple matter of selecting which products in your system to invoice, filling in an email subject field (and optional body), and specifying who to email.
    • Resolving unpaid memberships. Your Treasurer can decide what to do with member data if someone has not paid. Delete it? Hold onto it? Your Treasurer can decide.
    • Toggling on or off which products show in your various Shop pages. As products change rarely, this doesn't involve much work (or any at all) from year to year.
    • Optional: Exporting sales data in CSV format to other software. We have tons of reporting and exporting options. You probably only need to know the bottom-line of what the club made in a year, but if you want specifics ALL that data is available.

Tennis Director

Once your Tennis Grid is initially setup, there is very little for your Tennis Director(s) to do other than block reserve the courts or in rare cases manually cancel a reservation. Tennis Director specific duties include...

    • Adjusting the grid settings. Which should be rare once established.
    • Pinning a note to the grid page which members see before reserving a court (for example, "Clean out the court trash cans!!")
    • Pinning a note to the grid page which members see after reserving a court (for example, "We changed the padlock code to 4343").
    • Block reserving the courts. For example, your Tennis Director could book multiple courts every Tuesday morning at 9am for up to 52 weeks in a row.
    • Reserving courts for non-Member Teams. Remember, only members can reserve courts.
    • Cancelling reservations if need be. This should be rare as members can cancel their own courts.

Clubhouse / Facilities Manager

Facility reservations can be just as automated as your tennis reservations, to the point that your Clubhouse Manager does next to nothing. The only difference between members reserving a tennis court vs a facility, is they will be directed to pay to finalize their reservation. At which point their Pending reservation is switched to Confirmed.

Your Clubhouse / Facilities Manager is responsible for...

    • Adjusting the Agree to Terms text members must toggle on when renting a specific facility (rarely will they need change what's already there).
    • Creating a reservation for a non-member IF your club allows non-members to rent the facility.
    • If a member reserves the facility for a club-related event that should not be charged, your Clubhouse Manager should switch the reservation from Pending to Confirmed. With that said, if a reservation stays Pending, another member can't take it, so Pending reservations are safely ignored.
    • Block reserving the facility, for example booking it multiple weeks in a row on a specific day and time. Only your Clubhouse Manager can block reserve.
    • We do not suggest adding deposit fees onto your facility rental products as refunds can not be initiated through the website. So this is NOT something your facility manager needs to do (only your Treasurer can refund a member and this must be done from Paypal's site).

Your facility reservation grid can be disabled entirely, and put into a View Only state, forcing members to contact your Clubhouse Manager to manually review every reservation request, then add it to the grid. We do not recommend this as it requires far more work for your volunteers. But it is possible.


Secretary-specific duties include...

    • Logging Board Minutes for the members to see in the Member Dashboard.
    • Alternatively meeting notes/minutes could be uploaded to the Members Only Documents section, but any Board Member can do this as well..


Sponsorship-specific duties include...

    • Adding new sponsor ads to the site / apps. This involves uploading the Sponsor's 250 by 250 sized image (or creating one for them), adding their name, website, phone number, 1-sentence promo, and finally selecting their Sponsorhip tier (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze).
    • Renewing existing sponsor ads (manually adjust their expiration date).

Pool Operations / Grounds / Facilities

Sorry to say, we can't fix that broken fence via the website. We do have some specific duties though...

    • This role can set Pool Hours (your Communication Director can also do this)
    • Create a Sign-Up Form for members to complete work-day tasks (for example, to Winterize the Pool)
    • We also recommend your Pool Operation board members have access to our Front Desk module.
    • The Front Desk module gives Board Members access to attendance data and manual control to set a Member's Pre-paid Guest Pass balance or Concession Credit (basically what our Front Desk App does, but via the website).

Social Director

Your Social Director plays a key part in marketing the club to prospective members. This role should be allowed to create pages (specifically event pages) to advertise your big social events.

    • Create a Page for an Event (note: any Board Member can be given this priviledge or have it revoked)
    • Create a product attached to the page. For example, an entry-fee to the event.
    • Social Directors are CC-ed on any purchasers of the products they create, and they can also see a list of purchasers on their event pages.
    • Create a Sign-Up Form for members to bring food, drinks or help setup an event

Website Director

This role is intended for someone in your club that has a clean design sense, and wants to do very little work! PoolDues is a content-managed system after all, and this isn't MySpace folks. Specific-duties include...

    • Updating the front page with new images or selecting pages to feature. For example, if your Social Director created an event page, your Website Director could toggle on showing it's large thumbnail graphic on the front page.
    • Changing product images.
    • Creating new pages (as noted earlier: any Board Member can be given this priviledge or have it revoked)
    • Managing Sponsors, specifically making sure their ads look good and are sized appropriately (this duty is shared with your Sponsorship Director)
    • Updating the Social Media links page (which would be rare, if ever)

Communication Director

PoolDues does not replace your newsletter provider (we aren't in the mass mailing business). While plenty of mail is sent from the server, it is mostly "transactional" in nature (PIN reminders, invoices, etc). Communication Director-specific duties are...

    • Sending out Urgent Alerts. This is a simple email (subject and body only) intended to alert members of pool closings or other urgent matters.
    • Noting emails that have changed and need to be updated with your newsletter service. For example, when a member manually changes their email in our system, we will leave a To-Do item for your Communication Director to update this address later.
    • Exporting out CSV files of ALL email addresses. This could be used to do a regular import into MailChimp or another newsletter provider to do a mass update (existing addresses would just be skipped over)
    • Setting Pool Hours. We've found this duty falls on the Communication Director at a lot of clubs, so we've given them access to this page. Notes for specific dates can be added, for example "Pool closed at 3pm for Swim Meet" Your Facilities / Pool Operations board members can also access this page.

Swim Team Board Members

This role can...

    • Create pages for events or other news. These pages can be added to the Swim Team News section, Member Dashboard or general Events calendar.
    • Create a product attached to a page. For example, this could be a Fundraiser item, like a T-shirt or tickets to an event.
    • Any Board Member that creates a new product for a particular page or event will be CC-ed on new-sale emails and be able to see a list of product purchasers on the page they created.

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